Curriculum We Are Using

While this is the curriculum we use, we also use a lot of supplemental games, books, literature, cooking, nature studies, and a LOT of free play and self-exploration. Fridays and the weekends we solely reserve for unschooling, field trips, and unit studies that THEY choose.  Our days involve a lot of sensory breaks, visual schedules, and group activities with their friends.

For my 6 year old with special needs

Logic of English: Foundations: A and Rhythm of Handwriting: Cursive

Handwriting Without Tears: My Print Book

Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 1

Complete Curriculum Grade 1 by Harcourt Family Learning

Preschool Prep Math Facts Workbooks

Star Wars Workbooks

Piano Safari-He is working on this with his piano teacher.

His sensory diet (techniques we use to keep his sensory diet under control) includes the Therapeutic Listening Program once or twice a day depending on need paired with the treadmill, total gym, yoga, moving furniture (heavy lifting) and dancing. We also use pencil grips, z-vibe, mindfulness, deep breathing exercises, swimming, and joint compressions. We also use “engine checks” to check his sensory system and our own make up using principles of The Zones of Regulation. You can check out what we do here.

For my 4 year old neurotypical son:

Math U See Primer

Handwriting Without Tears: Kick Start to Kindegarten

Logic of English Foundations A for language arts

Shared Curriculum

Usborne Art Treasury

Usborne Science Encyclopedia

Magic Tree House and Fact Tracker Guides for History

A Trip Around the World for Geography and MAPS by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

Preschool Prep Co. DVDS including Meet the Sight Words, Math Facts, and Letter Sounds. Also, Meet the Math Facts Flash Cards and Coloring Books and Meet the Sight Words Placemats.

Unifix Cubes and Activities

Apps and Websites We Use to Supplement This website has it all! Anything you could possibly want. Just read a story on the Tortoise and the Hare? Search it and you can find an activity to go with it. Need extra practice with place value? They have TONS of super fun games that reinforce pretty much any concept you need.

Teach Monster (app) Phenomenal for teaching reading

Letter School (app) Amazing for teaching how to form letters the correct way. There are 3 different styles you can choose including the handwriting without tears style. There is a cursive version, but I don’t like it as much.

Speak for Yourself (app) Communication device we use as a visual tool to teach concepts and to practice spelling.

Snaptype Pro (app) Take a picture of your worksheet and complete it using the app, then print it off. This helps us do assignments like science and reading while not having to have a battle over writing. Writing is extremely difficult for my son, so we try to limit writing practice to certain times to not overwhelm him.


I became an independent consultant for SimplyFun games because we are absolutely in love with them and use them every day in our homeschool. I use them to help my kids learn major subjects and social emotional skills through playing board games together. We use them as manipulatives as well. I cannot recommend these enough.